digital wallpaper

Wallpaper has never been so popular! Whether you are looking to add drama to a room or want to create a unique mural for home or office, we have the design solution for you.


This unique, easy to apply self adhesive wallpaper offers you the chance to create your own bespoke wall covering or mural and is produced in upto 1 metre width strips by any length.


Our wallpaper can transform your home, office or commercial/retail setting. Single images that are required to be produced metres high or wide need to have adequate resolution for the best results.


Walls need to have a smooth, clean & dry surface. For example, the wallpaper could not be applied to a brick wall or over a textured surface. As the paper is self adhesive there is no paste required making it easier to apply than traditional wallpapers. The paper is breathable, therefore air bubbles are not an issue as they smooth straight out leaving no creases.


We do recommend that the wall which is to be covered, should be in a neutral colour to eliminate any show through, especially if there are any white areas on the finished wallpaper.


If you have any questions, would like further details or to place an order, please email or give us a call.


Digital Wallpaper is now priced

at just £24.00 per square meter